Rain, rain and more rain.

Yes it’s that very British trait to talk about the weather, but for those of us who work outside it’s very influential on how our day goes, what tasks we undertake and how we feel. I am fortunate, these days I only venture out a couple of days a week but the fabulous team are out all day, all week and this winter has been long, dull, cold and wet. The sort of winter where you want to hibernate, (for me that’s most winters). As I write, I can hear the rain outside and I’m glad it’s the evening and everyone is home.

My team have been out in all weathers except snow. Having to think on their feet which projects they can complete according to the weather. Luckily the cold means that weeds are slow saving us from having to tread on the borders, we also have done very little mowing. The long winter has helped us to achieve a large amount of pruning, formative and rejuvenation. In one garden we inherited an enormous amount of shrubs which had either not been pruned or had been on the receiving end of some unskilled secateurs, our client asking why they have never seen the shrub flower. Yes you know the kind, the round off every shrub kind. Aaarrrggghhh. These ‘poor’ looking specimens take a good two pruning seasons to flower. They are often the shrubs which flower on last years growth (Philadelphus, Forsythia) and if pruned too hard in one go will over produce long soft ‘bonkers’ growth. So it’s gently, gently.

In November we laid a large area of wild flower turf through an old orchard, and for once the rain has been a blessing, the turf is establishing well and we are very excited to see it flower this summer. The turf includes 33 species of wildflower, it is going to look fabulous. Before it was laid we spotted camassia, Narcissus poeticus and Tulip ‘Ronaldo’ throughout.

Yesterday we took a delivery of plants to reinvigorate a large stumpery which had over the last 2-3 years seen some plants become more invasive, angelicas and some hardy geranium varieties in particular, and we had lost some really lovely planting groups. So a ‘cull’ was carried out and a new collection of ferns, less invasive hardy geraniums to bump up existing numbers, hostas and aquilegia to mention a few were ordered. Interestingly the original aquilegias had never seeded round, yet in other gardens we are continually weeding seedlings out. The stumpery is on a north facing slope and the deluge of rain we had in the morning made it impossible for us to plant.

Finally, and let’s say now that’s enough about the weather, I would like to introduce our new website. The website has been made mobile friendly, linked to our Instagram page and gardens and photos have been updated. I can also do all these updates myself from now on, awesome. Our ‘About’ page introduces the team and they will also be contributing to the blog page. I have some clever wordy people working with me who definitely do not like the rain!

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