Garden Legacy

A four acre garden sited in the heart of Chipping Campden.  This garden was developed and nurtured by our client and her late husband over a period of 13 years; the garden was everything to them.  This garden is a legacy and everything we do to develop and enhance the garden is always done with full thought to how our clients late husband would have seen it moving forward.  We are now into our second full year with the garden.  We have over the last 12 months spent time pruning shrubs and trees and thinning out some of the planting where necessary. The garden was predominantly shrub based with a fabulous collection of unusual shrubs and acers.  In part some have outgrown their space and tough decisions have been made on which plants should go to allow others to flourish. 

We are making the garden softer by adding more perennial planting and producing more distinct areas. We are also adding a little formality in some areas using yew hedging, pleached hornbeams and topiary.  A large boundary ‘woodland’ type border has been filled with spring flowering perennials and bulbs which will look fabulous until the trees are in full leaf, when hardy geraniums varieties chosen for long flowering season take over.

Part of the garden had an existing rose arbour walk under planted with hydrangeas.  The hydrangeas have been relocated and a collection of David Austin English roses have been planted within a low yew hedge.  A yew cone takes centre piece in a circular bed surrounded with Lavender Hidcote and five Rose Wildeve standards.

A long shrub/tree border which was looking tired has been taken out except for some choice specimens.  A new ‘prairie’ style planting scheme is to be planted in spring 2018.

A brand new irrigation system has been put in throughout the garden, to enable new planting to establish and to allow plants to flourish with so much competition.  The soil is clay and was very ‘hungry’ when we started so bag upon bag of well-rotted manure has been added.  Leaf mould was not collected in previous years but we have developed areas now where it is left on the beds in thick piles over winter and manure is then added in spring to create a thick mulch. 

The garden also has a large vegetable garden made of raised beds, some sited in a netted area, others outside this net.  A large fruit cage contains blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and currants.  A cut flower bed has also been developed.  A large green house allows us to grow fruit, vegetables and salads from seed and plant out, whilst tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, chillies, peppers and citrus fruit are grown in the green house.  Blue berries are also grown in large terracotta beds.

The garden also has three different water features.  A stream with a large pond takes up one large area of the garden, a smaller water fall provides lovely sound next to the main seating area and a formal pond with koi.

Finally, in the orchard with old espalier apple trees we have taken up the lawn which was cut weekly and replaced it with a 500 sqm of a 32 species rich wildflower turf to encourage more insects into the garden in particular bees and butterflies.