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Oxford Lawns and Gardens was established in 1992 to provide a service of high quality all year round, client based garden maintenance. The Company is owned and directed by Alexandra Calado.

Oxford Lawns and Gardens is not a contract company but a team of accomplished professional gardeners. Our experienced team have both academic qualifications in horticulture and extensive experience within the industry. Our aim is to grow gradually whilst never compromising our skill base and personal service.


Weekly Garden Maintenance Programme

weekly garden maintenance

A regular weekly programme of maintenance in accordance with seasonal projects is carried out by a constant team of two gardeners. This allows the team to become expert in the garden and consistency in works carried out. Maintenance includes border maintenance, lawn care, pruning and training, and hedge care for example.

Guild of Master Craftsmen

Oxford Lawns and Gardens is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. Membership is only available to those who demonstrate that they consistently achieve high standards, skill and integrity.

Specialist Restorative Pruning and Training

restorative pruning

We can undertake one off smaller projects in which we can restore, rejuvenate and retrain shrubs, wall trained shrubs and climbers, topiary and small trees.




Design and Planting Plans

design and planting plans

Working with our clients we can redesign gardens, suggest planting plans for new borders or rejuvenate tired areas whilst undertaking our weekly maintenance work.



How can we help?

Please contact us for a free no commitment appointment to view your gardening requirements.

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